No More Extended Auction on tdnam

Posted on September 6, 2008
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I just found out that tdnam has no longer use the extended auction system, which is very great for domain sniper like me 🙂


Free 10 euro from

Posted on September 1, 2008
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Get Free 10 Euro just by signing up and place their add code within 72 hours. Here’s my payment 😀 will pay you $5 / month to place their ad code in 3 pages of your sites. You can add up to 100 sites which means you will be paid $500 / month to place their ad code on 300 pages accross your 100 sites. Try it and you will love it 😉

Things that works

Posted on August 5, 2008
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Low level domaining

Buying non-premium domain names which has some side value like pagerank, backlinks, major directory listing, alexa rank etc… and sell it for $5- $100 profit. This can be done multiple times a day, depends on how much money you have to start. You can start with as low as $15.

Being a web freelancer

This is how i earned most of my money.

Things doesn’t work list

Posted on August 5, 2008
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nothing here yet

FREE $100 facebook advertising credit

Posted on July 24, 2008
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For those who already advertise their site or willing to start to advertise their site on facebook. Here’s a FREE $100 advertising credit fro you.

  1. Login to your account or create one if you have not joined it already.
  2. Add this facebook application to your account. Visa Business Network
  3. Check your email account to get the $100 coupon code and follow the instruction
  4. That’s it 😀

eToro 75 percent bonus coupon code

Posted on July 5, 2008
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I started to play with forex yesterday and decided to join eToro because it accept paypal for deposit/withdrawal and you can start with as low as $50. My target is to get $50 daily, that would be around $1000 monthly with less than one hour of works daily.

I have a coupon code that will give you 75% bonus of your deposit. NOT only on your FIRST deposit, but on EVERY of your deposit. I can give you the coupon if you join me and post a comment here 😉

I deposited $50 and entered the 75% bonus coupon code, and $37.5 bonus was added to my account almost instantly.

Started playing at trade box with this little strategy my friend gave me and here’s the result:

My first two trade give me $2.00 and $1.95 profit which is enough to pay only the spread, meaning i have nothing to my pocket.

The third trade give me $4, $2 to pay the spread and $2 to my pocket.

The fourth trade amaze me and make me convinced that the method my friend gave me is really working, hurray!! $24 in few minutes!!

He told me not to be greedy, so i close the etoro platform and will surely play again tomorrow 😀

Godaddy Appraisal and Featured Listing Test part 2

Posted on June 2, 2008
Filed Under Everything Else | 1 Comment has godaddy certified appraisal now. It’s valued $150-$465. I listed it at tdnam as offer/counter offer with BIN. Start at $100, lower than min appraied value to get more people making offer on it. BIN is set at $465, the max appraised value.

I added a featured home page listing to get more impression, it’s $16.99 because i’m in a discounted domain club, $19.99 for non club member. Now what we can do is wait and see how this listing will end 😉

Godaddy Appraisal and Featured Listing Test part 1

Posted on May 31, 2008
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I bought this some times ago and curious how much i can get from this domain name. You might already know that was sold for $520,000 on Pompano Beach, FL January 29, 2007

Having some godaddy express appraisal credits left, i use it on The result is not bad, this domain appraised $100-$310 . I sold a godaddy express appraised domain for $120 easily, it was appraised $74-$215. So, this time i should expect to get around $168.

Ready to sell ?? This curious feeling of mine keep asking me how much the domain valuation expert on godaddy would appraise this domain. So there i go, upgraded my express appraisal into a certified one. It was $9 and cjcsave10 coupon saved me 90 cents :))

Waiting until those domain experts on godaddy saying what they have in mind… (11:42 AM)

Got my last name domain

Posted on May 30, 2008
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Can’t sleep today, so i decided to manage my domains and do some whois check. I’m kinda surprised seeing that status is ‘Deleted and Available Again’. I rushed quickly logging in to my godaddy account and register the domain. Hurray, i finally have a reason to start blogging!

This blog would be all about me. Programming, Affiliate Marketing, Hosting, Domain Name and everything i do to make some money online. I’ll share my knowledge and new ideas here, and you are welcome to give comments or a cup of coffee 😉

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