Free 10 euro from

Get Free 10 Euro just by signing up and place their add code within 72 hours. Here’s my payment 😀 will pay you $5 / month to place their ad code in 3 pages of your sites. You can add up to 100 sites which means you will be paid $500 / month to […]

Things that works

Low level domaining Buying non-premium domain names which has some side value like pagerank, backlinks, major directory listing, alexa rank etc… and sell it for $5- $100 profit. This can be done multiple times a day, depends on how much money you have to start. You can start with as low as $15. Being a […]

Things doesn’t work list

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Godaddy Appraisal and Featured Listing Test part 2 has godaddy certified appraisal now. It’s valued $150-$465. I listed it at tdnam as offer/counter offer with BIN. Start at $100, lower than min appraied value to get more people making offer on it. BIN is set at $465, the max appraised value. I added a featured home page listing to get more impression, […]

Got my last name domain

Can’t sleep today, so i decided to manage my domains and do some whois check. I’m kinda surprised seeing that status is ‘Deleted and Available Again’. I rushed quickly logging in to my godaddy account and register the domain. Hurray, i finally have a reason to start blogging! This blog would be all about […]

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